Toronto reviews: where to go to look beautiful

Yo, it is HARD to find good places to go to in this city.  Yelp and Google Reviews only do so much. Sometime’s it’s just a maze of HOW DO I KNOW THESE PEOPLE WON’T FUCK UP MY EYEBROWS WHO DO I TRUST? Or, I AM SO POOR I JUST WANT TO GO TO A CHEAP PLACE TO WAX MY VA JAY JAY BUT WILL THEY BURN ME?  Well, no worries. You can trust me because I am

  1. Insanely picky
  2. Obsessed with beauty treatments
  3. I have converted half my friends to “my” places and they love it
  4. I am cheap as fuck and only pay more than I need to for a service if it is amazeballs
  5. I’m not one of those bloggers who is like  “oh i don’t post negative reviews”. I do! People need to know, or else how will they avoid shitty places/burned va jay jays?
  6. I recieve ZERO compensation, service or product for any reviews and have paid for every single service with my own money$

In short, I’m hard to please and unbiased.

Lemme present my master city guide on where to go to maintain your ridiculous hotness. Click the link for full review.


Cheap Nail Places

Wow Wow Nails,  Highly Recommend. $15 shellac, Dundas/Palmerson

Fairy Nails, Highly Recommend,  $35 mani/pedi, Bathurst/Lawrence

Mira’s Nails, Recommend, $30 mani/pedi, Church/Yonge

Mosheta, Okay if desperate, $35 mani/pedi, Yonge/Wellsely

Pink Nails, You need to be super desperate, $30 mani/pedi, Yonge/College

Toronto Nails, adequate but owner creeps me out, $35 mani/pedi, Yonge/College

Joy Nails, Highly Recommend, $35 mani/pedi, Avenue/Eglinton

Expensive Nail Places

I would never do this in a city with so many cheap nail places


Mike, Spellbound Hair Design, Highly Recommend, $60, Yonge/Dundas


Marc Anthony, Highly Recommend, $25-40, Yorkville

Mosheta, Okay if desperate, $30, Yonge/Wellsely


Waxon, Highly Recommend, $25-43, Summerhill

Perfect Threading, stay away, $ not worth it, Yonge/College

Versa Spray Tan

Sol’exotica, Highly Recommend, $10-35 depending on Groupon or package, various downtown locations


The Ten Spot, Highly Recommend, $75, various downtown locations

Sugar Moon, Highly Recommend, $80, Danforth and Yonge/College 



*I have recieved zero compensation and have paid for every single service with my own money. I also never inform management that I am writing a review.  All reviews are my personal opinion.

Tips, tricks, comments?

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