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Accutane Review: One month post completion

19 Dec

So I’m about one month post Accutane and so far I have broken out.

This scares me. I got two cystic bumps on my right cheek, which is exactly where I used to get my worst acne.  I also got a few small pimples on my chin area that went away pretty fast.

So because I am terrified of my acne coming back I have started using Aczone on my right jaw area every night. Aczone is pretty gentle and non-irritating and I decided to just use that product exclusively so I can judge if it works. if it doesn’t work I will go back to a harsher Tactuo/Epuido or Retin-A topical or something. I also use Benzoyl Peroxide on those small pimples as a spot treatment. This really bothers me because half the reason I was on Accutane was so I could stop using topicals and trying to figure out which topicals worked!

Besides that small area, my skin is great! All my blackheads, white heads, and random shit that I didn’t even care about because I was too focused on my cystic cheek acne, are heavily reduced.

I had a facial the other day*****, because apparently my acne is stubborn bitch and after that initial break out I wanted to just clean out my pores, and let me tell you, the facialist extracted nothing close to what she usually did before Accutane. So many less blackheads, gunk etc came out. It was so quick!

She actually said-sorry this is gross- that she purged my skin of a lot of oil. Like she would squeeze a pore and clear oil would come out? Wtf? 

I actually don’t even think I have super oily skin, but she says my skin is both “oily and dehydrated”. Literally no clue what that means. Do I need more moisture or less? No one has been able to answer that coherently. I have stopped using Emu Oil and other heavy moisturizers since I went off Accutane, since my skin isn’t that dry anymore.

All the side-effects from the Accutane are gone, including dry lips, and I am going to go for my first wax tomorrow, I’ll let you know if it rips my skin off ;). Hope not! 

I’m going to see if I breakout any further, and if so, I might go back on Accutane. Note that I had a very low dosage (40 mg/day) and length of time I was on it (only 3 months), so your experience might be different.

 Why I went on Accutane

Accutane 1 month review

Accutane 3 month review

***** Sidenote: I highly recommend facials if you have acne because extracting blemishes yourself is a terrible idea, and they just get stuff out you cant even really see.However, the only facials I like are Dermalogica ones. They are the only ones that don’t make break out. All other facials, even by fancy and well-known facialists make me red and bumpy and I end up purging a few days later. I don’t recommend those at all.  (For any Torontonians, I go to The 10 Spot and get either the full facial or the quickie facial, which is a great way to get extractions for a cheaper price, $45.)


How to prevent acne from hot yoga

21 Nov

I haven’t done hot yoga for long enough to determine if it breaks me out, but I have heard from online forums that this is a possibility.  I did get two blemishes in the 10 days I was doing hot yoga and this was in the first month I was off Accutane, so it definitely concerned me.

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 I can’t figure out if all that moisture and sweating is good or bad for the skin! I’m terrified it’s clogging me up, but sweat is sterile so as long as you don’t have anything on your face that is TRAPPING moisture and bacteria in, I think it should be fine, and possibly improve skin.

I usually go to yoga right after work, so I am wearing makeup. I now make SURE I remove all my makeup. Since my yoga studio currently doesn’t have water (they are moving in a few weeks and are having some landlord issues) I have to use either a makeup wipe or Bioderma cleanser to remove my makeup. Otherwise I would use a rinse off cleanser. I actually don’t LIKE Bioderma (future post!) so this is my way of trying to use it up.  Going into hot yoga with a CLEAN face is the most important part of preventing acne.

Then after you shower, just follow your normal skin care routine.

I’m just off Accutane so I’m not using any BHA/AHA or anything harsh to prevent/treat acne, so I pat on some serum+Emu Oil and that’s it for the night. Oh, and I have a zit I put on a big blob of 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

Most over-hyped cult beauty products: Bioderma

20 Nov

bioderma overhyped product

In this series i’m going to detail what I think are the most overhyped cult beauty and makeup products.  I don’t even know how some of these products got their legendary status! Must have been good PR and marketing techniques, because most of these products truly….suck!

Take Bioderma, for example. Every magazine and tonnes of blogs talk about how amaahhhzing this product is. Models and makeup artists use it and gush about how it takes off all their makeup, is so gentle blah blah blah.

In my opinion, it’s a boring, overpriced liquid makeup remover that is TERRIBLE at taking off eye-makup and so-so at taking off face makeup. Makeup wipes from pretty much any brand, dissolve makeup better than this French pharmacy stuff.  I have to use SO much of this stuff to get off just mascara. Any basic eye-makeup remover is better.

I don’t find it extremely gently either, sometime I get tingly from it.  It’s one of those products I just don’t really get!

My vote: MEH and not worth your $$$