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How to wear red lipstick

23 Dec

I started wearing red lipstick when I dyed my hair black last year and pink lipstick looked too slutty on me.

a picture of me with dark brown hair in mac snob pink lipstick and mac ruby woo red lipstick

See? Trashy vs. Classy! (NB: if trashy is you’re thing, more power to you! That’s a look in itself.)

A red lip must be worn with a purpose. You’re communicating to the world that you are responsible enough to care and maintaint this perfect, red pout and are therefore confident, classy, put together and a paragon of virture. Yes, that is the power of a red lip. This is because the red lip is as high maintenence as fuck. You can’t just slap it on sans mirror at 7pm and expect it to look the same or okaish at midnight. No, No, No. Like everything else French, the red lip must be cultivated with care. The application must be precise and the re-application timely. Red is so pigmented the colour will never disappear, but it will look patchy and faded. You must have the discipline to stay away from most food and drink (maybz that’s why the French are so skinny?).

My all-time favourite red lipstick is MAC’s Ruby Woo . It’s a classic shade that looks good with EVERYONE and has amazing staying power. It’s completely matte. I’ve tried drugstore one’s from Revlon and they slide off my lip way faster. I always use it with with MAC Cherry lipliner. Lipliner is a must for a red lip or else it will bleed all over your face and people will be concerned you’re bleeding from your mouth.

collage of me wearing red lipstick and mac ruby woo and mac cherry lipliner

Where its appropriate to wear a red lip:

  • Strolling down the streets of Paris
  • In a bio-pic of a 1940s film star
  • A black-tie event/grown-ass party
  • When you’re not wearing any makeup
  • When you’re DELIBERATELY wearing a shit-ton of eye makeup
  • After a breakup. A great alternative to bangs!

Where it is inappropriate to wear a red lip:

  • A date. A red lip can be a man-repeller. They just don’t get it! Also, if you end up making out, you don’t want to get it all over his collar and face now, do you?
  • When trying to seduce a man. In that case, a pale pink glossy lip will always win.
  • 8 a.m class
  • A job interview, uness you’re a makeup artist or a clown.
  • When you’re binge eating. Pointless.
  • Out at ‘da club. All that drinking and screaming will make it shmear all over your face.




The best cheap, drugstore lipbalm that really works for chapped lips

28 Nov

Are you guys ready for this?

No really, are you ready for this?

I’ve discovered through trial and error the BEST lipbalm for chapped lips due to winter or Accutane. It’s the only one that has consistently worked well for me. Best part is, of course, is that it is under $3 CDN (and probably way cheaper for you lucky Americans).

It isss…..



Yes this old childhood favourite actually work. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to re-discover it. The waxy formula keeps my lips de-chapped longer than anything else I’ve tried.

Dry lips from Accutane? What lipbalms worked for me

1 Oct

This lip balm is my favourite. It’s $17/.52 OZ CDN and you can purchase it at Shoppers Drug Mart. Since my lips are literally flaking off from Accutane, I figured I do a big spluge.Yes, it is pricey as fuck. But it really WORKS. And I don’t feel the need to reapply constantly.

I put it on yesterday and I woke up being able to smile without my lips cracking. Victory!! And it’s not a shiny lip balm, it’s matte. Another lipbalm I like that my friend who went on Accutane recommended is Carmex in the tub. This retails for under $5 Canadian.

I like it, it works, I just have to reapply a lot and I find I can get it under my finger nails if they are long and that is kind of gross. And it makes your lips shiny, which I like. Do not buy Polysporin lip health daily hydration therapy. Not worth it if your lips are really dry. I saw on some blog that Amanda Seyfried uses it and she orders it from Canada, and I thought, hey, I am already in Canada, might as well purchase it. Meh, it just kind of coats the lips but doesn’t penetrate to heal them.

UPDATE (November 10, 2013): By end of Accutane my new favourite lip balm was plain ‘ole Cherry Chapstick. Way cheaper then this stuff and MORE effective, I found. 

Snap review: Bobbi Brown lipstick

4 Apr