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I’ve decided to go beachy blonde

6 Jan

So after a long time of hand-wringing I decided to go a beachy, streaky blonde. If I go dark, then I will just want to go blonde after 2 months, but that is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.  

If I go blonde I can always go dark WAY easier.


 I’m in the middle of the process right now, which is QUITE the adventure, let me tell you, so I will update you when I finally achieve the colour I want. It’s currently a lovely lemon-yellow-orange colour. STAY TUNED!


Hippie Shit: DIY Olive and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

23 Dec

I use this super conditioning mask whenever I feel my hair is getting too fried. I prefer to apply only to the bottom half of my hair so my roots don’t get greasy, but you can do all over the head if you want! The amount you will be combining will depend on the length and thickness of your hair, but don’t be afraid of saturating your hair. And it’s okay if your oil isn’t “virgin” or “refined” or anything like that, it will all work the same on your hair! Just make sure to wash out thoroughly. You can even use a bit of vinegar to help with that, or shampoo 2-3 times.

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Blonde vs. Brunette: Important life decisions

19 Dec

I’m having an epic issue right now with my hair. I’m so indecisive and bored, I can’t decide whether to go a warm, honey blonde, or a warm, dark brown. “What to do, what to do,” she wrote in her diary.

This past year and a half have been hair-crazy. If one didn’t know better one would think that I was projecting a quarter-life crisis onto my hair.

I went from my natural, medium ashy brown, to blonde, to black, with every brunette shade in between.


Right now, I’m a faded out medium chocolate brown. a.k.a, boring.

I want to be either “that blonde over there”, or “that brunette over there”.

So please don’t tell me to add some face-framing highlights or ombre or stay  the colour I am now (yes I know it is fine, but I want…more).

For a great explanation of why I don’t want some wishy washy medium colour, read Michelle Villet’s post on what medium colours are boring and annoying as shit (who knew others had such strong opinions about this stuff!).

Problem is, I’m not sure which one I want it to be.

So I have made a handy pro/con list for each decision, since there ‘aint no decision like an informed and well-thought out decision.


Brunette Pro:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper
  • Works better with my skin tone???? (does it? let me know!)
  • Will look more “exotic” (can’t decide if this is a pro/con?)

Brunette Con:

  • Boring, seems like everyone’s a brunette, at least where I live
  • Will I just want to go blonde later?
  • I will look even more “Mediterranean” than I already apparently do. Would not be a problem if I actually was Italian, Spanish, Greek or Portuguese, but I’m not and no man at a bar seems to believe me.


Blonde Pro

  • Different
  • Fun
  • Not a big deal to go back dark

Blonde Con

  • So high maintenance
  • Expensive
  • Will never look like my ‘natural’ colour
  • Might damage my hair
  • Roots post-10 days irritate me

In short, brunette is always going to be easier for me, but…easier isn’t always better, or what I want. (If you knew my taste in men this would be abundantly clear).

Also, I thought it might be interesting to note that the two hair consultations I had senior stylists at top salons, both said I was forbidden  to dye my hair again until at least Christmas, but ideally Feburary because I needed to give it a break. Stylist #1 said that because of my “sallow” complexion, blonde would always make me look green and bad.  Stylist #2 said I would look great in a warm, honey blonde.

So, Team Brunette or Team Blonde? What’s the verdict?

How to get perfect curls for naturally curly hair

9 Nov

Look- I’m not claiming that I have perfect curly hair. But I do have curly hair. And I’ve had over a quarter of a century  to perfect a routine.

how to deal with curly hair

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When I was younger, a child, my hair was the bane of my existence.  It would tangle constantly in huge rats nests and would frizz up to the high heavens. It wasn’t until 8th grade, when a fellow classmates took me aside and taught me the most important secret of having beautiful naturally curly hair. This is the maxim by which all curly-girls must live by. DON’T BRUSH IT

Here, as follows, is my step-by-step guide to having perfect curls:

  1.  Get a haircut that has LONG LAYERS, starting about jaw length

  2.  Shampoo and condition hair with products  formulated for curly or dry hair. My current favourite is the John Frieda curly line and I also like the Redken and La Coupe curly lines

  3. Use wide tooth comb to untange hair while conditioner is in hair, in shower. Rinse your hair

  4.  Emerge from shower. Flip hair upside down and use about a softball size ball of mousse and scrunch in hair. Use another softball of mouse and continue scrunching. Use another softball of mouse and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. If your hair is shorter use less, and if your hair is longer, use more.  My current favourite mouse is the one from Herbal Essence meant for curly hair. Try to find a mousse with very little alcohol

  5.  Flip head over, wait to air dry. Do not pass go. Do not towel dry. Do not touch hair. Do not brush hair. Do not rub hair all over couch

  6.  If it gets frizzy, run some oil through it (Morrocan, Almond, Jo Jo ba, whatever) or, use the John Frieda Finishing cream. Afew dabs of that gets rids of frizz!

  7. Wait at least 2-3 days to wash hair again for best hair health. You can touch up in between with a 1-inch curling iron, especially around the front



All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post. I paid for all products myself.