Blogging about makeup, hair, the Vampire Diaries and other, similar important global issues.


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Where are you from?

Canada! That’s why I spell things weird sometimes and constantly disscuss how jealous I am of Americans with their cheaper prices and ability to order stuff online without paying duty.  Oh duty. Fuck you.

What is your natural hair colour/texture?

Medium ash brown, and curly.

What is your natural skintone?

NC20 in winter, NW25-30 when tanned.

What is your ethnicity?

Are you a random man in a Canadian bar?! I am Canadian. Since that answer satisfies approximately no one, I will also tell you that I am not Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Lebanese or Egyptian.

I am Swedish.

haha jokes. I am not Swedish.

I’m going to stick with Canadian.

What camera do you use?

My iPhone 5, a Sony DSLR or a Canon Powershot

What editing program do you use for your photos?

PicMonkey, InstaCollage or iPhoto.

Why did you start a blog? (This is long, sorry)

 It really irritated me growing up when I couldn’t find honest beauty advice, or easy to understand tutorial directions. Since the internet was a baby then, all beauty information came down from high (aka women’s magazines). Although I LOVED reading magazines–truly I would sit on my floor and read them cover to cover–it was so hard to find reliable beauty information.

I couldn’t achieve a bun in 4 easy steps and the mascara they recommended kept smudging.

Never mind the lack of beauty information for a women that differs from the norm. Seriously, I have curly hair and every tutorial, ever, was always about how to achieve loose waves by sleeping in braids or some shit. THAT DOES NOT WORK IF YOU START FROM CURLY HAIR.

Very rarely do you see a product in the magazine because the editor has tried  it and loved it. A product is normally chosen fpr one of the following reasons:

  • Their advertiser makes a product
  • They need to fill up space
  • The product is new
  • They told their intern to choose whatever product from the beauty closet for an article
  • In EVERY case, a PR company sent them a product

It seems to me that magazines aren’t looking out for their reader, first and foremost. It reminds me of that quote “the news is just the space between the ads”.

In addition, I find magazine’s tutorials to be pretty pathetic.

“Four steps to a smokey eye!”, when you just know that it has taken them hours and a makeup artist, hairdresser, plus  airbrushing lighting to achieve that look. And then you try it yourself and it’s hopeless and you look like crap and feel like crap.

Which is why I am SO happy about the democratization of the media. Now women of all shapes and sizes and ages can get beauty advice from people that look like them and thanks to the magic of YouTube and Pinterest, they can get detailed steps. 

WHAT WOULD LIKE BE WITHOUT ONLINE REVIEWS? I shudder to go back to those dark days of personally having to try 8 different foundations.  Kids don’t know how easy they have it.


Tips, tricks, comments?

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