Waxon Waxbar-Toronto Reviews

17 Dec

 Highly Recommends for fast, easy and less painful waxing, for those who take their lattes skinny, own a Bugaboo or are thinking of losing their virginity at the UCC-Branksome prom afterparty


So for the longest time I would go wherever to get a wax. Whatever cheap, Asian nail place closest to me that could it me in. It was kind of gross, a lot of them didn’t use gloves and re-dipped the wooden stick back into the pot and the floor would be kinda grimy with black dirt, and sometimes the door would be a shower curtain, but it was easy, cheap and fast.

Then a bunch of wax bars started popping up around Toronto in this new trend of specialization (blow dry bars, manicure bars etc.,) but they were always so much more expensive so I never went, and I figured, what could really be the difference? Heat wax, put it on , rip it off. I’ve even done it to myself before.   ‘Aint rocket science. 

I was wrong. I did not yet understand the difference between soft and hard wax.

I finally said “enough is enough” after I had a horrible experience at Perfect Threading, of which I don’t want to gross you out with the deets.  I picked Waxon because it was the most conveniently located.

Now I am stuck paying $9 more for my wax, because unless my life turns into a romantic comedy and a tall, dark and handsome stranger tells me to pack my bags because he’s whisking me off to a weekend in Miami in an hour, I can’t see myself going back to cheapie places.  

Waxon is clean and hygenic. No double-dipping or other such shady practices
  1.  The technicians are highly trained. The lady I had was this friendly Irish girl, and we all know Irish beauty schools are the gold standard in the world! Well, I just made that up, but Irish girls definitely win the gold medal in  maintaining complicated beauty routines. You would know what I mean if you’ve ever traveled to Ireland and been blinded by the amount of false eyelashes, hair extensions and fake tans present. They have products and services there that we’re likely to get in 2020. Those girl take their beauty seriously.  She told me waxbars were cool about 2 years ago there, but they’ve moved on
  2. They use hard wax. What is hard wax you say? Well, it is wax that you don’t need a cloth to pull off and is supposed to be ideal for  the bikini region. It is less painful and gets the hairs better. Two thumbs up for this scientific breakthrough!
  3. It’s $9 more expensive for the sort of waxing I get (as if I’m telling you what that is!). For me, that’s worth it.

If you’re an obsessive, regular, or  all-over body waxer, (Is this 1992? Get lasered already!), they have some sort of  monthly points program that you can view on their website.

Address: 1242 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1W5

Phone:+1 855-929-2271


*All opinions are my own. All services were paid for my me. I received no compensation or product in exchange for this review. Management was not informed of review before purchasing service.



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