Snap Review: Rimmel Hide the Blemish stick concealer

16 Dec


The products I find it the haaaardest to go drugstore with are foundation and concealer. It’s just so hard to find the right colour and the coverage is generally not as full as I would like.

I originally bought this concealer to do highlighting with, and it turns out I’m so pale in the winter that Ivory was a perfect match for my NC20 skin.

These stick concealers are a very ild-fashioned heavy formula that have been around forever, and the coverage is so much fuller than liquid concealers.

It conceals my undereye circles, acne scars and active acne really, really well. In fact, I almost considered ditching my beloved Laura Mercier concealer for this!

I think any brand with this sort of stick concealer will work equally well, just try to find the right colour. I just picked up the Rimmel once since it looked like it had the lightest shade.

These are super cheap and are perfect to throw in your purse and for touch-ups.

They are creamy, so maybe don’t smear it all over your entire face if you are acne prone.


Tips, tricks, comments?

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