How I failed my 30 day hot yoga challenge

6 Dec


I started with the best intentions, I really did. But after day 21, everything just fell apart.
First of all, my yoga studio shut down and they started having a limited schedule at another yoga studio which was farther away.

Then, I had a mix of birthday and holiday parties.

Then, I got sick with a fever and sore throat.

Thusly, I failed my yoga challenge. Life got in the way.

What are the lessons I can learn from this?

I could have finished it had I made it a priority. I didn’t have to go to holiday parties, I could have trekked to the other yoga studio, I COULD have accomplished it (I could definitely not have gone while sick though). But I didn’t. The choice to fail, ultimately was mine.


This is why freelancing and making your own schedule is so hard. It is so much easier to do things when someone else is forcing you to or when you are in an institutional setting (like school).

But when you take on challenges on your own, it becomes up to you and only you to accomplish them. And you can make up a million and one excuses.

There are no real consequences to me failing, except for that I feel like a quitter and a failure. But nothing’s going to happen, I don’t get an F, no one’s kicking me out of school.

My lack of discipline was the problem and it’s silly to pretend it was anything but that!


Tips, tricks, comments?

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