Hot Yoga Challenge: Days 10-20

27 Nov

I didn’t go to yoga on days 17-19 (Friday-Sunday) because I didn’t  have time on Friday. No problem, I told myself, I’ll just do a double on Saturday.

Then I woke up on Saturday. Welll…I didn’t go yesterday, it’s sooo cold out. And sooo rainy. Maybe I can just do another double? And if I don’t go to yoga I will have time to wash all my truly disgusting and sweaty yoga clothes.  That’s ALMOST like doing yoga.

Then it was Sunday. Well, I don’t want to get dressed JUST to go to yoga, and it is still so cold out and my apartment is warm and Netflix is so inviting. And so I stayed inside all day and watched The Walking Dead.

 So I basically didn’t do shit all weekend. And of course, consequences to actions, so I have to do THREE doubles this week.   Annoying.  This incident proved to me something I always knew about myself, which is that I can’t stop the momentum. Once I let one thing slide, it becomes a million time easier to let something slide the next time. This is true for everything: morals, exercise, diet. So next time you don’t want to workout because *insert excuse here*, remember that not working out today will make it easier to not work out tomorrow. However, I do think it was good to give my body a bit of a rest, because my hip flexors were starting to get very sore, and now they feel fine.

Here’s some notes about my challenge days 10-20

  • Yoga is making me hyper emotional. It’s bringing a lot of things to the surface. I burst into tears because I was upset at my roommate. At a bar. Fun times.
  • My actual yoga skillz are improving! I managed to get into crow, which is basically me balancing my body on my forearms. YAY. I’ve never done that before in all my years of practicing.
  • I find myself quite drained from yoga. It’s not like running where you feel energized after. I could nap after yoga. I think I need to get more sleep. <—not happening 😦
  • I am NOT good with drinking enough water. I try, I try…but…ugh 8 glasses a day? Who can drink that much of plain water??
  • On Wednesday I have recreational intramural basketball which means I have to do yoga before or after. That is a lot of sweating. Luckily, basketball energizes me a lot.
  • Doing doubles was okay. I find it easier to do things all at once then separate them into different days. Luckily my yoga studio has a 5:30-6:30 class and a 6:45-7:45 class so I can just get them over with all at once! The only thing I did notice was that my clothes were SOAKED through. Usually I wear the same outfit two days in a row before washing (I don’t have a washer/dryer in my building so doing laundry is a major schlep!) but I literally can’t when I do doubles. Gross.
  • Yoga is not making me feel super zen. I want to explore the more spiritual side of yoga, like acceptance, detachment and compassion. Anyone have any recommendation for  good books that talk about this?

Unfortunately, life has thrown a major impediment to my challenge. Remember I said my yoga studio was opening a new studio December 1?  Well now it is not opening a new studio until Dec 21 and  CLOSING their current studio TODAY! They are running a reduced schedule at another yoga studio, but I’m not sure yet if it will work into my schedule. I’m going to do my best , but I can’t skip work to go to yoga. They have no classes today, so that adds ANOTHER double to my challenge.

I’m sure there is a yogic lesson in here somewhere. Like…there are some things you can’t control? Someone give me words of wisdom!


Tips, tricks, comments?

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