How to prevent acne from hot yoga

21 Nov

I haven’t done hot yoga for long enough to determine if it breaks me out, but I have heard from online forums that this is a possibility.  I did get two blemishes in the 10 days I was doing hot yoga and this was in the first month I was off Accutane, so it definitely concerned me.

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 I can’t figure out if all that moisture and sweating is good or bad for the skin! I’m terrified it’s clogging me up, but sweat is sterile so as long as you don’t have anything on your face that is TRAPPING moisture and bacteria in, I think it should be fine, and possibly improve skin.

I usually go to yoga right after work, so I am wearing makeup. I now make SURE I remove all my makeup. Since my yoga studio currently doesn’t have water (they are moving in a few weeks and are having some landlord issues) I have to use either a makeup wipe or Bioderma cleanser to remove my makeup. Otherwise I would use a rinse off cleanser. I actually don’t LIKE Bioderma (future post!) so this is my way of trying to use it up.  Going into hot yoga with a CLEAN face is the most important part of preventing acne.

Then after you shower, just follow your normal skin care routine.

I’m just off Accutane so I’m not using any BHA/AHA or anything harsh to prevent/treat acne, so I pat on some serum+Emu Oil and that’s it for the night. Oh, and I have a zit I put on a big blob of 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.


Tips, tricks, comments?

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