Most over-hyped cult beauty products: Bioderma

20 Nov

bioderma overhyped product

In this series i’m going to detail what I think are the most overhyped cult beauty and makeup products.  I don’t even know how some of these products got their legendary status! Must have been good PR and marketing techniques, because most of these products truly….suck!

Take Bioderma, for example. Every magazine and tonnes of blogs talk about how amaahhhzing this product is. Models and makeup artists use it and gush about how it takes off all their makeup, is so gentle blah blah blah.

In my opinion, it’s a boring, overpriced liquid makeup remover that is TERRIBLE at taking off eye-makup and so-so at taking off face makeup. Makeup wipes from pretty much any brand, dissolve makeup better than this French pharmacy stuff.  I have to use SO much of this stuff to get off just mascara. Any basic eye-makeup remover is better.

I don’t find it extremely gently either, sometime I get tingly from it.  It’s one of those products I just don’t really get!

My vote: MEH and not worth your $$$


Tips, tricks, comments?

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