30-Day Hot Yoga Challenge: Diary 1

19 Nov
 sweaty after yoga
  • I’m on day 5 so far and it’s going pretty well. Shockingly I am NOT sore so far. I thought I would be kneeling over in pain. But only my hip flexors are a little bit sore
  • I usually go after work for the 5:30 class. Apparently many other people also have that genuis idea and so the class is quite croweded. I lucked out with a long weekend so yoga hasn’t interfered with my schedule too much. Tomorrow will be a challenge since I have basketball practice at 6:30 pm, which means I will only be free to do the 6:30 am yoga class. AHHHH. NOT a morning person
  • I am also trying to drink more water so I bought a cute pink Kleen Kanteen water bottle at the very-overpriced (in my opinion) $19.99 CDN. It’s 18 oz so I should be refilling it over 4 times a day, but right now I’m at 2, which is actually a lot for me! Plus a lot of coffee and tea of course. If someone says coffee is a diretic I’m  going to punch them in the face, that is such a myth. COFFEE ROCKS!
  • Yoga is clearly doing nothing for my rage
  • My back already feels better. Yoga is awesome if you sit in a chair all day long. Really strengthens back muscles
  • The yoga studio has NO water, ergo no showers because of some fight with their landlord. They are moving locations to a bigger and better space in 2 weeks and I can’t wait! That space is also going to have a juice bar. #firstworldexcitement


  • Yoga is not making me lose weight. In fact, like when I do all exercise, I gain weight becuase I eat more. Need to work on this.

Tips, tricks, comments?

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