Accutane Review: Month 3 (final)

7 Nov

So this is my last month on Accutane. The major symptoms so far have been dry lips and skin. Earlier this month my chin was so dry it was actually flaking and peeling off, like a snake. #hot.

However, I experimented and managed to solve that problem with Emu Oil. This stuff is awesome! I just put it on at night over my regular serum. Also, I found the best way to combat dry lips was plain old Cherry Chapstick. Nothing has worked better then this stuff.

I have also had aches and pains but it’s hard to pinpoint that to Accutane, as opposed to just sitting in a chair 8 hours a day. But definitely have had back pain. I was also extremely anxious around month two, but again, it was hard to pinpoint if that was from Accutane, life or the birth control pill. It just went away on it’s on, which I am thankful for, because it was quite terrible. I got off the pill anyway after month two and used another form of birth control (necessary on Accutane, of course). I haven’t noticed crazy body-dryness, but when I rub my skin in a steam room or in the shower, like BALLS of dead skin come off. Which is sort of gross, sorry, but yeah.

My skin is clear. My doctor told me if I had more than 2 pimples I would have to take a 4th month, but that hasn’t happened. I have also noticed that my whiteheads and weird shit on my face has gotten a lot better. I’m just scared that my acne will come back the next time I’m stressed! I have to figure out when I can start using Retin-A or AHA/BHA again, (Do I even still need that stuff?) SO far I have been using really hydrating products like Ponds Cold Cream, hydrating serum and Emu Oil and Clinique’s CityBlock phyiscal sunscreen in the morning. It’s weird not to be using all the anti-acne products that usually make up my regime.

I only have a few more pills to go, and so far I would say it is definitely worth it! Now just have to see if acne comes back.  



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