Dry lips from Accutane? What lipbalms worked for me

1 Oct

This lip balm is my favourite. It’s $17/.52 OZ CDN and you can purchase it at Shoppers Drug Mart. Since my lips are literally flaking off from Accutane, I figured I do a big spluge.Yes, it is pricey as fuck. But it really WORKS. And I don’t feel the need to reapply constantly.

I put it on yesterday and I woke up being able to smile without my lips cracking. Victory!! And it’s not a shiny lip balm, it’s matte. Another lipbalm I like that my friend who went on Accutane recommended is Carmex in the tub. This retails for under $5 Canadian.

I like it, it works, I just have to reapply a lot and I find I can get it under my finger nails if they are long and that is kind of gross. And it makes your lips shiny, which I like. Do not buy Polysporin lip health daily hydration therapy. Not worth it if your lips are really dry. I saw on some blog that Amanda Seyfried uses it and she orders it from Canada, and I thought, hey, I am already in Canada, might as well purchase it. Meh, it just kind of coats the lips but doesn’t penetrate to heal them.

UPDATE (November 10, 2013): By end of Accutane my new favourite lip balm was plain ‘ole Cherry Chapstick. Way cheaper then this stuff and MORE effective, I found. 


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