Juice Cleanse Diary #4+5

3 Sep

Daily Juice Cleanse Diary Days 4+5+after

  • I decided to combine the last two days, just because
  • I cheated again with salads, but I think it is better because before when I would do them I would get so sick when I started eating solids again becuase my body wasn’t use to digestion or something
  • I am so fucking skinny and it is awesome! On the 4th day I lost SIX LBS. SIX! Then on the 5th day, I guess becuase I had a salad for dinner on the 4th day I gained the 2 “lbs” back for a total of 4.5lbs lost
  • I went out to a bar and had club soda. It was not fun. NOT FUN AT ALL.
  • I had a party at my house on the fifth day. I drank vodka soda. Surprisingly, did not get trashed. Go me! I was afraid I would pass out after like 2 drinks


One week post cleanse

  • Have maintained weight lose give or take a daily lbs up or down
  • My stomach is so much smaller, I get full really fast and don’t have a craving for sugar, yay!
  • I have tried to eat mostly soups and salads and juices but of course have cheated with Kraft Dinner and other delicious food

Tips, tricks, comments?

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