Accutane Review: 1 Month

3 Sep

I have been on Accutane for one month. So far the only side effects I can tell are that my lips are really dry, but not insanely so. I just apply lip balm and Vaseline a lot to them.  I don’t know if this is a side effect from Accutane or from the birth control that I am required to be on, but I have been EXTREMELY anxious lately. Like, bizzarely so. But that could be from the pill, or my life, or anything so I don’t want to pinpoint blame. But I have definitely noticed it. I also cry very easily in the past month and for no apparant reason. I am also experiencing naseau and a loss of appettie. Again not sure if that is from the pill, my life, or accutane.  All my blood work is good, according to my doctor.

My skin still breaks out into a pimple or two. Apparantly you are supposed to break out a lot at the beginning and then it begins to clear. I haven’t broken out a lot, just a few pimples.


Two people have complimented my skin! (remember I didn’t have crazy acne or anything before). One friend called my skin “luminious” and another said my skin looked “crazy good”.


I also have stopped wearing foundation to work, which used to be a major staple for me. It’s quite shocking. I am beginning to like how my skin actually looks. Without makeup. I even let a guy see me without makeup!


I have also switched from cleansing my skin using a clarisonic+face wash to just using a makeup wipe. I would think this would be bad for my skin, but it seems to be working. Those things must be really bad for the environment but, I am lazy.





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