Juice Cleanse Diary #2

22 Aug

Juice Cleanse Diary
Day 2

  • Wake up happy
  • Make cup of Coffee Chai tea from David’s Tea, then have first green juice
  • Weight self, lost 2.5 lbs, woo hoo. Yes, it’s water weight blah blah, but whatever
  • Incredibly focused at work. Laser intensity
  • Go to Aroma and get tea and lunch time. Try to convicne self this will help hunger. Does not really work
  • Friend asks me to go for drink after work. Ask her if we can go for tea instead. She says we will just hang out next week. Am already being alienated because of cleanse! Oh well
  • Other friend asks me for drink after work. Afraid of being alienated so say yes and just plan to order tea. Then he says he is hungover and cannot really drink. Score! Tell him am on cleanse so cannot drink either. He is supportive. This cleanse will tell you who your real friends are!!!!
  • Cheat with some almonds
  • Go home after work. Have until 8pm. What to do? What to do? Have so much energy! Decide to bake cookies. Am I crazy? I don’t know I just need something to do and my appartment is already clean. Make cookies. Do not taste cookies. Text friend asking who wants cookies
  • Toss last juice of day in purse, Go out to drink on a patio. Order club soda. Excellent self control
  • Have terrible sleep



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