My shellac obsession

20 Aug



Shellac is probably the best beauty innovation of the last decade. It makes me wonder how I even put up with manicures before! Regular manicures are so frustrating because you pay for them and then they chip within 2 days. Sometimes they chip the second you’re out of the salon and then you cry. Not actually, but inside a bit.

Then along came shellac and my nails stayed chip free and so SHINY for 10-14 days. Every time i looked down at my nails I would get a little flutter of joy.

Not only that but I swear shellac protects and makes my nails grow long. If I constantly have shellac on for a month some nails will be the longest they have ever been! My nails are normally weak and bendy and full of ridges and break and just awful so this is a huge deal for me.

I pay between $15-$35 depending where I go. I usually remove it myself to save some money. I will do a tutorial in the future to show how I remove it. And I don’t ever peel it off because that is what destroys the nail.

Anyone else obsessed with shellac and feels it brings them daily joy?



Tips, tricks, comments?

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