How to choose what products to buy

10 Apr

Choosing makeup and skincare can be overwhelming.

sephora page

There is just SO much out there. Every product is promising different things, different magical ingredients to make your skin glow or cover up your acne. Unless you have a degree in chemistry it’s impossible to figure out what really works. But there are ways to make sure your cash doesn’t go to waste by purchasing an ineffective product.

That’s why before I buy any product I do three things:

  1. I check MakeupAlley to see what “the people” thought of it
  2. I check Paula Begoun’s Beautypedia
  3. I try and get a sample

Let me explain these further.

Obviously, reviews by “the people” can be extremely helpful but they shouldn’t be the last word especially when the reviews are mixed. But they can definitely help weed out shitty products.

Next, Paula Begoun is an absolute treasure. This woman and her team literally catalogs and reviews EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT OUT THERE. It used to be in a book and then you had to pay for it online and now it is FREE online. It’s like a wonder of the world.  I don’t even know where I would be (makeup and skincare wise obvs!) without her. She’s so valuable because  has an extremely scientific way of looking at each product. She is extremely skeptical of the claim each product makes and tells you purely based on the ingredients the quality of the product. This is especially helpful for skincare. There are so many empty promises in skincare, especially for acne and anti-aging that she really cuts through the bullshit and tells you what ingredients in the product do the work, what scientific literature backs it up and any possible irritants. That’s how I learnt Olay anti-aging products are basically the same or better than products triple their price!

Of course, she isn’t the last word, especially because sometimes if she gives a product the same rating you have to still decide which one to buy! Which is why I always try to get a sample of any product. You can do this by going to Sephora and asking them for a sample! Super, super simple. Otherwise you can go to a makeup department store counter and ask them if they have any samples, sometimes they do. If it’s a drugstore product, however, you can be out of luck so you will have to rely on the first two steps. At least drugstore products tend to be inexpensive so you won’t be out too much cash!

Happy shopping!!


Tips, tricks, comments?

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