Tips on Choosing a Curling Iron

26 Feb

tips on choosing curling iron


  • Tools are  10x more important than products and are where you should be spending your money
  • If your hair is heavy, straight or hard to curl get one that is 410 Degrees F+
  • Really, even if your hair is easy to curl, the hotter the barrel the better results you’ll see

Remember: Higher heat =Shinier, longer lasting curls

What sort of barrel should I get?

  • Clampless is a preference, but I find they are MUCH easier to use
  • If you are looking for loose, sexy waves buy the biggest barrel you can find, at least 1.5 inches
    • If you want tight, natural looking spiral  curls buy the smallest barrel you can find
    • Really, if you can only buy one iron I would get the bigger barrel because you can just curl smaller sections of hair to get tighter curls if you ever wanted to

Where should I buy one?

  • The best place is a beauty supply store or a store that sells them to hairdressers. You can find these by Googling/looking in the Yellow Pages
  • Always ask them which ones the hairdressers buy so you know they are good
  • Don’t be afraid to look up reviews at home or on your smartphone at the store
  • The internet is also good, but buy from reputable companies. I wouldn’t buy off E-bay since there are a lot of knockoff hair appliances coming from China that will blow a fuse in your home and your iron may explode
  • is a great place to shop. Pick any out of the top-10 best sellers and you should be good to go
  • The drugstore is not ideal, but if you don’t have a lot of money and your hair is easy to curl, brands like Conair could work for you. I used to have Conairs and they were OK,  but my curls wouldn’t last long and weren’t as shiny and this from a person who naturally has curly hair

How can I get the best price?

  • Buy the best curling iron you can afford if you plan on curling your hair more than occasionally. Good ones range from 50$-200$
  • Beauty supply stores sometimes sell irons in damaged boxes or missing a part, like a hair clip, at discounted prices. Ask if they have any
  • Shop during sales like late august or January

What do you use?

  • I use the Sedu Revolution and love it
  • My roommate who has very long thick and hard to curl hair also bought one for herself after trying mine and realizing it was the ONLY iron that had ever made the curls last

Tips, tricks, comments?

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