Beat winter blues by working out

21 Feb

So  I’m going to go to the gym later and upload a sweaty but cute pic of myself  (#nofilter since I have a blackberry from 2009 #truestory) but I want to talk about what to do when you are depressed for no reason except you feel so BLAH.

Yeah...don't do this.

Yeah…don’t do this.

I find the lack of sunshine during a Canadian winter has a MAJOR effect on my well-being. But it is what it is, and until global warming makes Canada +35 and sunny in the depths of winter the only things you can change are your actions.

That’s right, I’m going all Buddhist on you.  If you can’t change the situation, change yourself.

You need to workout in the winter. You need to force yourself to work out in the winter. Just GO! Because getting sweaty for at least 30 minutes will make you feel happy.

Endorphins are no joke!

I try to work out 3-5 times a week and every time I leave the gym  I get a major “FUCK YEAH!” moment because I have

  1. Just accomplished something
  2. Feel all superior to slackers around me
  3. Endorphins are coursing through me and I feel happy!
  4. Feel I am closer to getting a perky and firm bum (#2013resolution)

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project has some great tips on how to get regular exercise and some links to scientfic articles on why exerise makes you happy.

And obviously there are a lot of other bonus like getting fit and living longer and having an excuse to buy $100 yoga pants, but also, you just feel so damn good after.

If your’re broke do youtube videos in your living room at home! I LOVE poppilates for this, she has awesome 10 minute workout videos.  You can  can make a playlist on Youtube so three videos play right after one another  and you have  a FREE 30 min workout. Do it tonight!


Tips, tricks, comments?

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