Olive Oil+Salt Scrub: Hippie shit

19 Feb

Yup, I make my own exfoliating products. I refuse, REFUSE to purchase exfoliating products since they are SO easy to make and the homemade ones work so much better. I find store-bought one’s don’t have enough scrubby action.

Here’s how to get glow-y skin and get rid of winter flakiness:

  1. Take a handful of table salt and add it to a bowl
  2. Slowly pour in olive oil until the salt soaks up the oil
  3. Mix with your fingers
  4. Take into shower, scrub all over body with your hands

Seriously. That’s it. 2 ingredients. 1 minute prep time. No chemicals. No mess.

You can customize this to your own body.

  • If you want less exfoliation add more oil.
  • You an add in a few drops of any essential oil to get scent. Sometimes I add in almond or vanilla extract.
  • You can sub the salt with white or brown sugar. I just like salt because it’s cheaper and salt is really healthy for your skin
  • You can keep it in a jar (I use old hummus plastic jars) in your shower for as long as you want

To exfoliate before a self-tan, leave out the oil because otherwise  the tan won’t adhere properly.  Just mix the salt with your regular body wash. I use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint.


Tips, tricks, comments?

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