Almond oil: Hippie shit

19 Feb


I get really nervous about the amount of shit I put on my body. I’m sure I am basically a chemical by now (yes, I know humans are LITERALLY chemicals anyway, but you know what I mean). So I go through phases where I’m like “that’s IT I’m only using all natural stuff from now on! If I can’t eat it I can’t put it on me!”.  After all, if the contraceptive patch and nicotine patch can be effective just from sitting on the skin, then  it follows that the chemicals from cream would sink in too, right?


A while ago I bought some almond oil from No Frills for about $5. This wasn’t fancy almond oil or sweet almond oil it was just…Suraj Almond Oil. When I ran out of my Eucerin moisturizer (waste not, want not), I started spreading the oil all over my skin. It was awesome, except for the packaging. So I went to the beauty supply sore (TBS at Dundas and Bay for Toronto folk) and bought an applicator bottle with a squeeze top for $1.79.

I love it!! It smells great, feels great, sinks in great, is not greasy at all. People give giving me bottles of moisturizer as gift so sometimes I switch it up (see above: waste not, want not), but I just think pure almond a great option for those who are afraid of chemicals and preservatives and  also great for pregnant ladies since it should help with stretch marks.


Tips, tricks, comments?

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